Homers Beer Run

Homers Beer Run 1.0

Help Homer Simpson collect as may beer barrels as he can in this free game
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One of the most characteristic traits of Homer Simpson, the leader of the popular yellow family, is his love for Duff beer. In this little free game, you need to help him catch as many falling Duff barrels as he can and carry them to his car's trunk. But don't be deceived, the task is not as easy as it seems.

First of all, you need to figure out where a barrel will fall to make Homer stand at that spot so he can catch it. Second, Homer only can catch a barrel at a time, so he needs to carry them to his car one by one to have his hands free to catch another one. Also, there are several burning barrels falling; if Homer touches them or their flame trail, he gets toasted and needs to start all over again. In general, the game is fun and entertaining, but can get boring after a while. There is a more recent version which you can download or play online at Syndicatesdomain's site.

As with other games offered at NowStat, the installation wizard of this one asks you to install HiGame's toolbar and to make several changes to your Web browser; nevertheless, you can decline to do so without having to cancel the installation.

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  • Too simple
  • Gets boring after a while
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